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VectorVector No. 1, Spring 2008

Dr. Folkman’s progeny: Where the field of angiogenesis goes from here
Bypassing bypass: Fixing children’s hearts while they’re still beating
Stopping newborn seizures: New treatments target the newborn brain’s unique physiology
Crazy ideas: Three researchers who took on the unconventional and the infamous
Opinion: A lesson in perseverance
Last Word: Remembrances of Judah Folkman
Things to Watch: Stem cell research forges ahead | A treatment for progeria? | From battlefield to brain | Getting the lead out | Using magnets to control cells | Taking fetal stem cells into clinical trials | Research News

VectorVector No. 2, Fall 2008

Patterns in the chaos: 
Bioinformatics reveals unexpected patterns
Killing the queen: Curbing cancer by going after stem cells
Making connections: Discoveries about how the brain wires itself, and new hope for neurologic disorders
Race through a baby’s eyes: Understanding how infants recognize faces
Profile: An ophthalmologic tour-de-force
Leveraging discoveries from the lab
Last Word: 
Foreign post-docs speak
Things to WatchSounding out disease | Reversing drug resistance in leukemia | The stem cell-cancer connection | Cancer: getting the big picture | Patching gaps in global vaccination | Halting hemangiomas | Taking aim at obesity and diabetes | Research News

VectorVector No. 3, Spring 2009

Research in hard times: 
Where some see crisis, others see opportunity
Searching for strength: 
Probing rare disorders that weaken muscle
Back to the future: 
Children’s stem cell researchers are rewinding cellular time
New policy, new prospects: 
What the loosening of embryonic stem cell funding will mean
Escaping boredom: 
Using novel drug-delivery techniques to tackle a variety of medical problems.
Opinion: Genetics for the people
Of Note: Business deals, personnel and institutional news
Last Word: 
Research and motherhood: Staying in the game
Things to WatchMaking genetics count | Does anesthesia affect the developing brain? | Neural stem cells may help repair spina bifida in utero | Zebrafish give clues for fetal robustness | Can we detect autism in infants? | Combating anthrax toxicity | IV oxygenation: Turning blue blood to red | Research news

VectorVector No. 4, Fall 2009

A 9-year-old girl single-handedly advances neuroscience research
Research Central: 
A day in the life of the Clinical and Translational Study Unit
Inflammation: The good, the bad and the therapeutic: 
Neuroimmunology and ALS
Lord of the flies: The odder the fly, the more potential it has for research.
When research gets personal
Of Note: 
Business deals, personnel and institutional news
Last Word: 
Where science meets the arts
Things to WatchEasing preemies’ lungs into the world | Controlling blood sugar in the ICU | Making vaccines for newborns | Regrowing damaged hearts | Overriding muscular dystrophy? | Catching dyslexia in pre-readers | Making brain research child’s play | Delivering RNAi to the immune system | Research News

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